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What We Offer

Executive Education delivered to your company doorstep.
In person or online.

LLX makes the legal education of your staff a breeze. Backed by the renowned faculty of Loyola Law School, LLX courses bring legal education to your company.

Our courses on Contracts, Negotiation, Intellectual Property and Employment Law, among others, may save significant sums in liabilities caused by executives unaware of the legal implications of their decisions.

If you are an employee interested in having your company subsidize LLX coursework, please contact us. Legal education for company executives is an investment that has the potential to reap significant benefits for the executive and their company.

Learn From Top Professors

LLX faculty includes Loyola Law School professors who are world-renowned in their areas of expertise. Loyola Law School's faculty includes former Supreme Court clerks, with 50% of LLS faculty having held federal judicial clerkships and 25% elected to the American Law Institute.

Learn Legal Skills

Our coursework is designed to teach your team practical legal skills, one module at a time. Enrich your team with on-site classes or online courses. Subjects such as Contracts, Negotiations and Employment Law are widely applicable and may provide substantial benefits to your entire company.