About LLX

LLX is Loyola Law School's Executive Education program.


Who We Are

LLX's mission is to broaden the reach of legal education.
It starts with you.

LLX is Loyola Law School's Executive Education program.
Our mission is to make legal education accessible to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Whether you are a law school student, an executive at a company or an experienced attorney, LLX has courses that will benefit your career.

For recent law school grads: The law is too vast to learn everything you need to know in just three years of law school. Many law firms have a sink-or-swim attitude towards junior associates and provide little training. LLX courses on drafting and niche areas of corporate law fill the gap.

For business professionals: Have you ever thought about going to law school? Would you like to be empowered by knowledge of the law? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to 'think like a lawyer?' LLX offers classes on contracts, negotiations and more, so business professionals can equip themselves with the knowledge they need to be doubly effective in their jobs.

For seasoned attorneys: LLX offers a chance to make new contacts by meeting potential clients and peers through the classroom environment. We also offer new tooling on developing areas of law, such as cryptocurrency law, marijuana law, and other areas that pertain to your practice.

We hope you will find LLX to be your home for highly engaging legal content taught in the most convenient and effective format possible for executives.

Welcome to LLX!

Learn From Top Professors

LLX faculty includes Loyola Law School professors who are world-renowned in their areas of expertise. Loyola Law School's faculty includes former Supreme Court clerks, with 50% of LLS faculty having held federal judicial clerkships and 25% elected to the American Law Institute.

Learn Legal Skills

Our coursework is designed to teach you practical legal skills, one module at a time. Whether you prefer face-to-face learning on 1 of our 3 campus locations in Los Angeles or the convenience of on-line learning, we have an offering that is right for you. Our classes on Contracts, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Venture Law teach you the skills you need to navigate your business or legal environment.