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Legal Education On Demand

Since 1920, Loyola Law School, the law school of Loyola Marymount University, has graduated more than 18,000 attorneys. Loyola Law School is home to world-renowned faculty, and ranked #3 in the US in preparing attorneys for Big Law practice, according to The American Lawyer.

LLX - the Executive Education program of Loyola Law School - is now bringing the world of legal education to you. Our courses empower executives to learn the areas of law that will give them or their company a competitive edge.

Our campus locations in Downtown Los Angeles and in Silicon Beach offer great opportunities to network and meet with like-minded learners. And with our On-Site program, we can deliver legal education to your company doorstep, with faculty that can teach an entire team at once.

And, in a first from a major law school, LLX unbundles legal education so that anyone can learn just the law they need - in module-based formats - and get certified.

Why LLX?

LLX is pioneering a new format for legal education.
Our courses are practical, to the point, well-produced, and delivered by renowned faculty.

While other law schools may run fluffy bootcamps that are more boondoggle retreat than actual education,
LLX focuses on delivering the strongest educational impact in law.
And while online schools may want to teach the law, they simply lack
the institutional gravitas of the nearly 100-year-old law school that is Loyola Law School.

LLX combines the modern sensibility of an educational startup with the rich resources of an established and reputable law school.


Among the benefits of LLX is meeting a dynamic community of learners. Students are encouraged to attend On Campus courses at one of LMU's 3 locations in DTLA, Silicon Beach and Westchester. Online courses encourage participation in forums and off-line exercises.


LLX is the Executive Education program of Loyola Law School (LLS), established in 1920. LLS has graduated more Superior Court judges in California than any other law school, and has the #8 Tax program, #9 Trial Advocacy program and #10 Entertainment Law program in the US.


LLX students completing certain courses (including lessons, homework and quizzes) will be eligible to receive a printed Certificate of Completion from LLX. Certification can be a valuable addition to an executive or attorney's profile.

Upcoming Courses on Campus


Transform Your Company by
Boosting its Legal Intelligence

LLX enables companies to invest simultaneously in their employees and their business by equipping executives with legal knowledge.

Executives who have taken a class in Contracts, in Employment Law, or in Negotiations may be able to use their new skills to anticipate legal issues and to better understand the legal impact of their work.

Our on-line courses provide the flexibility of remote learning, module-by-module. Our On-Site Enterprise courses bring LLX faculty to you. LLX courses are fun, engaging and interactive to truly enrich executives with the best educational experience.